Shadows & Dust, Vol. V, Issue 2

Happy New Year’s Eve’s Eve, everyone! Feel free to explore the following titles if you have any extra downtime this weekend. And may the Lord bless and keep you and yours in 2017:

  • The Holy Trinity and the Law of Three: Discovering the Radical Truth at the Heart of Christianity by Cynthia Bourgeault — I’ve heard about Bourgeault’s work for quite a while, but never actually read one of her books. Since I’ve been recently considering the Trinity in conjunction with my own work on a couple projects, I thought this would be a good time to tackle this book and explore the Trinity as the ‘divine driveshaft’ within our faith.
  • Written That You May Believe: Encountering Jesus in the Fourth Gospel by Sandra M. Schneiders — Recommended to me by a friend and fellow trainee in my spiritual direction program, as I expressed to her that John’s Gospel is the one I emotionally connect with least. Schneiders was one of my friend’s favorite profs.
  • Care of Mind, Care of Spirit: Psychiatric Dimensions of Spiritual Direction by Gerald May — I’m a fan of May, especially his Addiction and Grace, and am reading this book as part of my spiritual direction formation training program. Need to have this read and a review written by the end of January!
  • Tortilla Curtain by T.C. Boyle — Can’t wait to read this Christmas gift from my oldest sister! It’s been called a ‘social novel’ about the American Dream and who it’s for.
  • Poetry from John Terpstra — Check out “New Year, Good Work” by Terpstra. It’s an appropriate poem for this time of year.
  • The Holy Name — This Sunday on the church calendar is the Feast of The Holy Name of Jesus. It commemorates the naming of the newborn king as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.
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