Poses by Sassie

If this headline sounds to you like it’s about a model, you’d be correct.

Sassie is our two-year-old golden retriever-blue heeler mix. We found her at a local pet shop, who got her from a dog rescue in New Mexico. Her full name is Sasquatch, after one of our family’s favorite road trip destinations — a general store in Idaho Springs, Colo. In my opinion, it has the best root beer and cream soda selection in Colorado! Long story short, we’ve been going there for years, and we love that place.

Anyway, we call Sasquatch “Sassie” for short. She’s also known as “Sassie Bird,” “Sassie Cat,” “Sassie Sue,” and in keeping with the Sasquatch store theme, “Sassafras,” which is a main ingredient in some root beers.

Sassie is a lover. She doesn’t like it when any one of the six members of our family is away from home, and pines for us, keeping faithful vigil from the couch by our upstairs living room window. She gives wet sloppy kisses when we return, whether from all day at work or two minutes in the garage.

She also hates to be separated from her adopted sister, our chocolate lab, Georgie (who also deserves her own photo shoot and blog post — stay tuned). On walks, if her sister is in front of her or more than a few feet away, Sassie PULLS our arms nearly out of their sockets to be close to Georgie.

Faithful Sassie. Loving Sassie. Silly Sassie. A gift to our family.

For all you sales reps who see the potential in my headline, “Poses by Sassie,” maybe as a clothing line or a perfume or an ad for a dog food or a kennel, let me know. Copyright 2020. 🙂

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