Shadows & Dust, Vol. III, Issue 3

It’s 2015 and time for some new beginnings. My wife bought a pet rabbit for our kids, so what could be more fitting than reading aloud the classic rabbit adventure Watership Down by Richard Adams? Over the holidays, we also caught up with the latest episodes of “Alaska: The Last Frontier” and we’ve lately gotten into the TV series “Restaurant Impossible.”

As for my latest reading and research, here are a few titles worth looking into:

  • Jesus Christ: The Greatest Life, A Unique Blending of the Four Gospels edited by Johnston Cheney and translated by Stanley Ellisen — The group of friends I’m going with to visit the Holy Land in April is reading this book together in preparation for our trip. I’d prefer it just included the gospel texts, but it’s crammed full of headings and charts and other additions. Still, as gospel blendings go, it’s readable and coherent.
  • Meal From Below: A Five Course Feast with Jesus by Kris Rocke & Scott Dewey — Written by locals who are friends of a friend, these reflections bring together practical, everyday struggles to survive and thrive with the meal of remembrance that Jesus established with his closest disciples (aka “the Eucharist” or “Communion”).  
  • The Management Myth: Debunking Modern Business Philosophy by Matthew Stewart — I’m half-way through this powerful critique of modern management and business theory. Stewart is a philosopher by training, but by chance he found himself knee-deep in the world of consulting.
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