Lament for #TreeofLifeSynagogue

Last night, before our annual Trunk ‘r’ Treat celebration at The Refuge, we participated in a short liturgy of lament and remembrance for the 11 individuals killed at their synagogue in Pittsburgh last Saturday. My friend, Kathy, adapted the liturgy from other “Moments of Blessing” that we’ve done in the past, and asked if I’d lead a small part of it:

…”Honoring the Names of Those Killed

Leader: Each human being is made in your image, God. We honor the loss of your creation and grieve for the families who are weeping tonight, some of them with multiple family members [lost]. We remember them by name and age.

Joyce Feinberg, 75 years old

Richard Gottfried, 65 years old

Rose Malinger, 97 years old

Jerry Rabinowitz, 66 years old

Cesil Rosenthal, brother of David, 59 years old

David Rosenthal, brother of Cesil, 54 years old

Bernice Simon, wife of Sylvan, 84 years old

Sylvan Simon, husband of Bernice, 86 years old

Daniel Stein, 71 years old

Melvin Wax, 88 years old

Irving Younger, 69 years old

(moment of silence)

ALL: Hear our cries, O God. Hear our prayers. From the ends of the earth, we call to you. We call as our hearts grow faint. Lead us to the rock that is higher than we are.”

Lord, have mercy on us.

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