1/4 Percent Sales Tax for Our Most Housing Un-Stable Neighbors

In 1994, Broomfield voters prioritized local quality of life and the outdoors by passing a quarter-percent sales tax to expand and preserve our open spaces. It’s still in effect and still effectively serving its purpose.

Now is the time for Broomfield voters to prioritize another vital community need by passing a new, quarter-percent sales tax measure to fund ongoing temporary and transitional housing programs for our most vulnerable neighbors. They include more than 200 people currently experiencing homelessness and many severely “cost-burdened” households on the verge of homelessness, including single-parent families, veterans, retirees, people with disabilities and survivors of domestic violence.

But before such an urgent and necessary measure can go into effect, it needs to be passed by Broomfield voters. And for that to happen, it has to appear on the upcoming election ballot.

If you are a Broomfield voter, please consider signing this petition to the Broomfield City Council and the City & County of Broomfield to add a quarter-percent sales tax measure for housing stability to the Fall 2024 ballot. Signature goal: 600+.

For a thorough examination of local housing challenges and potential solutions to those challenges, see The Sweep Report 2.0: Housing from below in Broomfield, Colorado, USA. (Part 3, “Broomfield Tomorrow,” unpacks this small sales tax increase as well as a number of other proposals to help our community achieve full housing stability.)

Please share this petition with other eligible Broomfield voters! #WeAreBroomfield

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