Recent Site Updates!

Good morning! FYI, here are some of the changes I recently made to my site:

  • Updated content on all pages, including AboutResources and Contact,
  • Added new main pages — Writing, Podcast, Pilgrimage,
  • Added a scrolling “ticker” with my Latest Tweets at the top of my site,
  • Made my site “responsive” for mobile devices while preserving its overall design,
  • Created a video trailer for my blog,
  • Added a new security feature to my Contact page,
  • Added new features to the right-hand sidebar: an “about the author” widget, a “Donate” button and a “Subscribe” widget
  • Integrated new social media buttons for Twitter, etc., to the top and bottom of my site and to my posts and pages,
  • Added a new left-hand sidebar to display “tags” that detail my posts’ topics, and to share a list of recommended authors, blogs, podcasts and causes,
  • Updated my site “footer” to include Categories and my blog Archives,
  • Integrated “two-post” photo slider on the top of my home page,
  • Updated the fonts on my entire site, and last but not least,
  • Added a new search bar on the top and bottom of my site.
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