Need in the News, Vol. V, Issue 1

At the end of every month, I summarize local, national and international “stories of need” from news sites, blogs, press releases and editorials. The following are some of January’s most need-in-the-news-worthy stories:

THE REFUGEE CRISIS Thousands of children caught in the middle of the refugee crisis in Europe are in danger of exploitation by traffickers, according to the European Union’s criminal intelligence agency…Sweden is considering denying thousands of asylum claims from refugees…Life in this refugee camp in France is not a pleasant experience.

IRAQ & SYRIA — Since it announced its “caliphate” in June 2014, ISIS has executed almost 4,000 people, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

GENEVA & SYRIA — The two main sides in Syria’s civil war are meeting in Switzerland for peace talks.

Broomfield's new Health & Human Services building is almost complete! (Marrton Dormish)
Broomfield’s new Health & Human Services building is almost complete! (Marrton Dormish)

At times, what gets lost in the concern and clamor over major local, national and international events and issues, are ordinary people, communities, businesses and other groups doing extraordinary things. Here are a few I’ve heard about recently:

MONROVIA (Liberia) — Former refugee Wayétu Moore runs one of the only bookstores with “storytime” for kids in this small West African country.

SAUDI ARABIA — Loujain al-Hathloul went to jail for driving. Her crime: being a woman and driving in Saudi Arabia.

SIERRA LEONEUzodinma Iweala’s 2005 novel Beasts of No Nation tells the story of Agu, a young boy forced to become a child soldier. Beasts of No Nation has now been turned into a film that is already garnering Oscar buzz.

WASHINGTON, D.C.Concepcion Picciotto, thought to be in her 80s, protested nuclear proliferation for 24 years in Lafayette Park. She died last Monday.

CAPE CANAVERAL (Florida) — It’s been 30 years since seven NASA astronauts died in the Challenger disaster.

Stories worth reflection:

HAVE WE LEARNED FROM THE HOLOCAUST? — Eva Schloss, stepsister of the late Anne Frank spoke out on the refugee crisis.

REPARATIONS FOR BOMBING? — Does the United State owe Laos for its bombing campaign during the Vietnam War?

WAS THE REVOLUTION REAL?Has Egypt changed since its revolution began five years ago?

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