Shadows & Dust, Vol. III, Issue 8

It’s summertime and it’s hot outside, and for some reason that means for me that it’s time to re-read Stephen Lawhead’s King Raven Trilogy. Again. Love it. Just don’t love turning that final page. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been reading and watching this month:

  • Constantine: The Emperor by David Potter — One of the most controversial figures in church history has been the first “Christian” Roman emperor, Constantine, who ruled from 306-337 and presided over the Council of Nicea in A.D. 325. Potter, a specialist in Greek and Roman history, attempts to cut through biographical “distortions” to present a more comprehensive and balanced account of Constantine’s life.
  • The Continuing Conversion of the Church by Darrell L. Guder — I heard a great sermon recently that referenced this book — interesting that in one sense “conversion” applies as much to followers of Christ and to the “Church” as it does to those who are choosing to “convert.”
  • My Neighbourhood — Nope that’s not a misprint on the spelling of this documentary — it’s spelled the “British” way. This latest film from the non-profit Just Vision tells about the struggle of a Palestinian boy from a Jerusalem neighborhood.
  • Welcoming Prayer: Consent on the Go by Contemplative Outreach — I recently went through a half-day training on the “Welcoming Prayer,” a partner contemplative practice of “centering prayer,” which was popularized by Fr. Thomas Keating, now of St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colo. It’s interesting that the welcoming prayer and centering prayer practices overlap in many ways with practices like “Spirit-filled living” taught by evangelicals like Bill Bright. In any event, I’ve found welcoming prayer to be a really helpful tool in my daily life.
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