Invisible Children speak by not speaking

Today at lunchtime I drove by a group of 10 or so young women from a local high school holding a vigil outside the public library. They silently held signs directing the attention of passing cars to the plight of children in Northern Uganda.

When I stopped to try to interview them, one of them handed me a tiny yellow and blue card. On the yellow side it says, “I am being silent for 25 hours to end 25 years of war.” On the blue side it says:

“Find Out How:

Having already heard about Invisible Children and how it began, I knew the “backstory” behind the movement they were representing, but what really intrigued me was what made this group of students from Broomfield, Colo., decide to take such a public step. I don’t often run into demonstrators in my neighborhood. After visiting the Invisible Children website, I saw that the local group of girls is part of a national campaign to “Speak out by not speaking.” Awesome!

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