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The latest issue of my alumni magazine reported several “stories of need” worth passing along:

  • Filling the pantry—This fall marks the opening of a campus food pantry for low-income students and university employees. The “Tiger Pantry” is part of a larger pantry-on-campus movement nationwide, as media outlets such as ABC News, the Toledo Blade, and USA Today have noted.
  • The bottom line—Liz Forkin Bohannon founded the sandal company Sseko Designs to create jobs for Ugandan women. According to Sseko’s website, every one of the graduates of its nine-month program is currently pursuing her college degree.
  • Before med school—Recent graduate Saskia Chaskelson decided to temporarily forego her pursuit of medical school in order to serve malnourished children in Kenya. Through the non-profit Humanity for Children she has helped start a poultry farm for street youth and had to help make heart-breaking decisions on which sick children most needed medical care.
  • Teaching, life or death—David Oliver was diagnosed with upper throat cancer in October of last year. When the retired professor in gerontology at the University of Missouri-Columbia decided to share his journey with cancer online, his videoblog went viral.
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