A Sample “Curb Kit”

Over the years, I’ve created a handful of tools to help address “stories of need” I’ve encountered in my daily life and ministry:

  • GO EPIC — This three-part tool helps individuals, small groups, families and faith communities reflect on their own stories in order to write themselves into “a story of need.”
  • Our Community Cares — Working on “The Sweep Report” showed me the need for a more user-friendly, shareable and frequently updated community-wide resource guide. So I partnered with the Broomfield Community Foundation and several grad students from a University of Colorado at Boulder institute to create a web-based, real-time resource hub. We called it, for lack of a better name, the “Social Good Network Tool” (SGNT), and published an initial prototype online in 2013. After several stops and starts due to legal concerns, people-power issues and my woeful inadequacy as a promoter, I renamed the tool as “” and offered it for use by The Refuge, my local church. Hopefully at some point it will become an asset for Broomfield as a whole, and beyond!
  • Curb Kits — A while back I starting putting together bags of snacks and supplies to keep in my car in case I saw someone in need at a stoplight or intersection. Then the idea caught on with some family, friends, a homeschool co-op, and a few churches. Shopping for supplies and putting them together in a watertight bag is a great project for families, birthday parties and youth groups. Cost: About $5 per kit.
  • Help Card — I put these pocket-sized cards in my curb kits. They contain referral information to local social services, food banks, health providers and more. You’re also more than welcome to use my template to create your own!

Also, on more personal basis, I offer:

  • Spiritual Direction — I’m a spiritual director-in-training through the Center for Spirituality at Work’s Spiritual Direction Formation Program (I hope to “graduate” in the summer of 2017), and a member of the newly formed North Denver Spiritual Direction Network (NoDe). NoDe also has a Facebook page with information about events, workshops and classes that might be of interest. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to set up an initial appointment for direction.
  • Pilgrimages — Several times a year, I lead “pilgrimages from below” in Broomfield and in Eastern Colorado. If you’re looking for an on-the-ground learning experience, consider joining me!
  • Presentations — Occasionally, I interact with and speak to community groups and faith communities about things I’ve written (The Sweep Report, et. al.), tools I’ve created (GO EPIC, et. al.) and stories I consider worth sharing. Feel free to get in touch if you’d like me to present to your group.