Everyday Epics Podcast


I’ve been a fan of podcasts for most of the 21st-century — wow, that sounds weird. I especially enjoy listening to them while I’m catching up on mundane tasks like responding to emails or resolving to fix things around the house.

Check out my current favorite podcasts — they’re worth your time…even if mine proves not to be!

  • On Being — Krista Tippett’s amazing interviews circle around the deep and practical questions of life.
  • Men in Blazers — Two British sportscasters think soccer is America’s true, once and future pastime.
  • Homebrewed Christianity — I’m not smart enough to understand all of Tripp Fuller’s conversations with leading theologians and philosophers, but what I do understand is really thought-provoking!
  • Jalen & Jacoby — Listening to retired NBA star Jalen Rose and broadcaster David Jacoby talk sports and pop culture is both entertaining and educational.
  • Faith Circus — My friends Kathy Escobar and Karl Wheeler brave “big-tent conversations about faith, church and the occasional elephant in the room.”

So, now that I’ve offered you some suggestions of real value, I feel more prepared to “intro” my own fledgling podcast. (See that, I said “intro” — I’m already writing like a podcaster!) Join me each month as a I interview and interact with guests and friends about topics including theology, art, family life, history, current events and more.

Episode 1 coming…March 2017!