A Suburban Poverty Tour

I started facilitating these non-tradition pilgrimages into suburbia pretty much by accident. A few years ago, my friend Kathy Escobar, who knows everyone on earth, asked me to help her with a tour she’d been asked to give. The purpose was to highlight, in person, some of the local challenges and realities faced by our neighbors in need. I can’t even remember now who Kathy, several other friends and I did that first tour with, but we’ve since given tours to college mission groups, non-profit friends and others.

“A Suburban Poverty Tour” is modeled in some ways after the (highly recommended!) “Turf Tour” that our friends at Dry Bones Denver have led for years. It also incorporates elements of the (literally) street-level remembrances led by Street Psalms ministers after local violent deaths and other difficult events. We always end up flexing and adding things in at the last minute, depending on circumstances and time constraints.

If you, your small group or your faith community are interested in spending a morning or an afternoon in the Broomfield area to get a sense of some of the challenges faced by our neighbors in need, please get in touch with me.

P.S. When possible I’ll enlist friends to help with your tour, but due to scheduling limitations and such, you might get stuck with just me!

P.P.S. There’s nothing in particular about Broomfield that leads us to center our “suburban poverty” tour here, it’s just that we know the most about this area and have the most history here. Similar tours could be conducted in pretty much any suburb in the United States.