A Pilgrimage to Sand Creek

The National Park Service’s website describes what took place at Sand Creek on Nov. 29, 1864, as eight hours:

“…that changed the Great Plains forever…The Sand Creek Massacre: profound, symbolic, spiritual, controversial, a site unlike any other in America. As 675 cavalrymen came around a prairie bend, the camps of Chiefs Black Kettle, White Antelope, and Left Hand lay in the valley before them…”

“A Pilgrimage to Sand Creek” will take you back in time to a formative period in the history of the American West, introduce you to a cast of colorful and controversial characters, and suggest ways to apply its lessons to the challenges of 21st-century life. As a “pilgrimage from below,” this experience will also give you opportunities for solitude, self-reflection and discussion around questions of history, identity, civilization, faith and justice.

Read reflections from past Sand Creek pilgrims.

Participants are responsible for their own transportation to and from Sand Creek, which is near Eads, Colo. They also need to bring their own water bottles and sack lunch, and dress appropriately for the Eastern Colorado weather. Admission to the National Historic Site is free.

All participants receive pre-pilgrimage materials for preparation, a guided pilgrimage experience and post-pilgrimage materials for further exploration and reflection, all free of charge. Donations in support of Sand Creek descendants and the NPS site will be accepted, along with participant evaluations, at the conclusion of each pilgrimage experience.

“A Pilgrimage to Sand Creek 4.0”
Facilitated by Marrton Dormish
Spring 2018, Date TBD
11 a.m. – 4 p.m.
RSVP via email to participate!

Want to learn about Sand Creek closer to home? If you live in the Denver metro area, consider taking “A Sand Creek Driving Tour” of downtown Denver. Let me know if you or your group would like me to facilitate/narrate your tour.

Monument Hill, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. (Marrton Dormish)
Monument Hill, Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site. (Marrton Dormish)