Shadows & Dust, Vol. IV, Issue 8

My summer began with two “pilgrimages” of sorts: one to Camp Amache and one to the Sand Creek Massacre National Historic Site in Southeastern Colorado. Now I’m preparaing for a new spiritual direction training program that will beginning next month. In the meantime, check out these titles:

  • Indentured: The Inside Story of the Rebellion Against the NCAA by Joe Nocera & Ben Strauss — I’m a lifelong college sports fan, but I’ve only recently become aware of how corrupt the “venerable” NCAA truly is. An eye-opening read.
  • A Brief History of Spirituality by Philip Sheldrake — Straightforward review of the story of Christian spirituality from the New Testament era to today.
  • A Pound of Flesh: Monetary Sanctions as Punishment for the Poor by Alexes Harris — I had assumed “debtors’ prisons” were a thing of the past, relegated to historical summaries of the American Revolution perhaps. Harris shows otherwise.
  • Field of Compassion: How the New Cosmology is Transforming Spiritual Life by Judy Cannato — How connected are the physical and spiritual worlds after all?

Also, here are a few videos to check out:

  • True Cost — A documentary on the low-cost, high-fashion industry and the workers behind it.
  • This Is The Camp — Suzann Mollner spoke at our church a while back. Now she’s helping to make short films to raise awareness about the plight of Palestinian refugees.
Marrton Dormish

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